Wall of Thanks

Friends of McKinney Field would like to say thanks to all of those who have helped support our mission so far.


 A special Thanks to the following:

The very first gift we received was from old leather helmet, George Hershman - Thanks George!

Then, in no particular order as to time, date, and contribution amount, the following people have made contributions to our project: Larry Richman; Doug and Mary Tucker; Michael and Doris Nestor; Grafton Rotary Club; Bill and Judy Collett; Dr. Bruce Haislip; Dr. Charles and Martha Bennett; James and Betty Engleka; Nancy and Melissa Mason; Thomas Jenkins; Joe and Mary Warder; Sylvia Allen; Joan and Ronald McKnight; Paul McDaniel; Greg and Lynn Cartwright; Catherine Ledonne; John and Sue Reneman; Paul and Becky Weigand; David and Mary Wiant; Jean Shafferman; Linda and Gary Knotts; Jim and Linda Rubenstein; Evelyn and Ralph Flanigan; Mason and Mary Moats; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Travis; Kermit and Joan Bias; David and Karen Rogers; Lonnie and Barb Lough; Benjamin and Nancy Cox; Arnold and Beverly Kuhl; Stephen and Bonnie Woods; Shawn and Donette Nines; Westfall Leasing Company; Robert and Donna Jennings; Lonnie and Marie Martin; Gerald and Nancy Hebb; Thomas and Delderta Cuppet ; Charles and Linda Cather; Edward Kerns; Brenda and Josh Rosier; Lewis and Katrina Pauley; Norman and Velma Adlington ; Richard and Helen Poe; and James Michel, Robert and Cathy Sciegaj.

Paul Whetsell (A Special Thanks for Paul and his efforts to setup a scholarship at GHS); Dennis and Deborah Mick;Kathryn Magnifico; James Wolf; JoAnn Ball and Wilda Swisher; Floren Warder; Larwence and Rosemary Satterfield; William and Sharon Shumaker; Rita Cockerham; Barbara and Richard Johns; David and Judith Thorn; William Stevens; Gary Tansill; Thomas and Margarey Johns; Robert and Linda Cockrell; Rick and Peggy Poling; Jim and Sherry Isner; John Rinker; Karla and Dr. Ernest Flores; Larry and Sara Weaver; Sue and Dave Hedrick; Brandy Kenner; Kevin Stean; Joe and Sue Law; Charles and Glenice Cather Memorial Trust Fund; 1962 Class Reunion Fund; Taylor County Board of Education member Judith and Donnis Barney; 4-W Financial Corp.; Brian and Connie Cochran; Elkview Bulders Inc.; Cynthia Flanagan; Daniel and Jeanine Mankins; Douglas Latimer; John and Jeanie Bord; John and Idalee Whitescarver; Dr. Donald Thompson; Kelly and Crystal Forester; the Taylor County Commission ; Col. Robert and Barbara Hamilton; Paul and Julie Reneau; Ben and Nancy Cox; Danny and DeAnn Williams; City Window and Construction; Holly Hill; Dr. Paul and Jane Malone; Scott and Shanna Bosko; Gerald and Judith Goodwin,; Karen and Troy Freerksen; James and Nancy Work; Fay and Dan Kirkpatrick ; Assistant Superintendent of Taylor County Schools Sam and Judith McDaniel; Thomas and Jill Sturm; Matt and Beth Dillion; Calvain and Barbara Johnson; Jonathan Matheny; Matt Weaver; Walter and Antionette Gaines; Betsy and Ron Moran; and Charles and Florence Bragg. 

Bob and Donna Starford; Kevin and Ellen Bruny; Ronald and Karen Fertig; Kenneth and Dianna Poling; June and Roger Post; Ruth and Eugene Jaumont; James Manno; Phil's Tire and Auto Repair; Bolyard Enterprises; Brenda and Charles King; Sharon Stobart; Connie and Aronald Bramer; Clare Sturms; Ralph and Glenda Sigley; James and Sheila Brown; Misty Finch; Patricia Gallagher; David Jacobs; A, C, Stockett; Charles and Lolita Hall; Mary and Robert Moore Jr.; Kandice, Kevin, and Kim Knotts; Charles and Susan Keener; Davis Revocable Trust; Julie Gray; Cal's Auto; Sandra and Daniel Jacobs; Harry and Nancy White; Betty and Micheal Kean; Arthur and Lucille Goodman; Jean and Frank Faulkner; Harold Rhodes;, John Scritchfield; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gennette; Sandra Murray; James Murray; Susan and Kenneth McMullen; Brook and Helen Bartlett; David and Mary Nines; Circuit Court Judge Alan and Connie Moats; Mildred, Robert, and Gerald Poling; Clara Demoss and Beverly Stewart; Donald and Gail Hendershot; Thrasher Engineering Inc.; William and Linda Shaw; Mary Phillips; Bob and Ruth Phillips; James and Nancy Reneau; Bob and Virginia Delaney; John Jr. and Ruby Musgrove; Curtis and Joan McDaniel; Richard and Linda Fike; Richard and Jean Andrews; Deeta and Lawrence Chandler; Brenda Loar; Monford Loar; Nevi and James Cassell; Bernard and Shirley Montgom-Paul W Swisher; Beverly Miller; Harold Miller; Curry Amos and Associates Attorney at Law; Patricia Robinson; Bob and Phyllis Leonard; Larry and Sue Andrews; Roberta White; Sheryl Rucker; Chuck and Jill Bennett ; Catherine and Phil Ondo; Edith Jo Foley; Fawcett's Flying Fotos; David Satterfield Sr.; Wilda Nester; Gregg Michael; former Superintendent of Taylor County Schools Jane Reynolds; George and Carol Watkins; Tim and Patricia Conaway; Joe And Doris Newcome; Richard, Peggy, ery; Taylor County Board of Education member Dick and Pam Teagarden; State Farm Insurance Company; Joyce Bredenbeck; and Brian Moore. 

Grafton Shop and Save; Bill and Mary McProuty; Steve and Anne Gerkins; Craig and Wendy Hutson; Charles Morgan ; Leslie and Frances Kines; Janice Jones and Russell Vernon; Coach Wes and Beverly Norris; Joan Wiant; Larry and Patricia Lemmon; Dianna Cesa; Paul and Anderson; Glade Run Petroleum; Bright Start Academy; C. Thomas and Catherine Little; Ramela Odell; Stephen and coach Bonnie Woods; City of Grafton; Rebecca Huff; Alan and Karen Jeffords; Hanks Deli; coach Rocky and Kathryn Loughry; James and Taylor County Middle School Principal Pamela Gallaher; James and Nancy Adlington; Charles and Jane Warder; Grafton City Hospital; Algard and Betty Shaffer ; Mike and Jennifer McCauley; Thomas and Janice Stemple; Blaine and Libby Auville; Karen Nicole and Nicole Boyles; Jeff Haskins; Bud Jennings and Barbara Cooper. 

Also, Bill and Judy Passwaters ; Bradley J. Mayle Funeral Home; Shelly Haralson; BBT Bank; Hometown Hot Dog; Carolyn and Ernest Gough; James Fisher; Richard Keefover ; Farrell and Cheryl Snyder; Frances and Darl Laulis; Wayne and Sandra Phillips; Stephen and Kitte Deakins; Shirley Newlon; Bernard and Joyce Horovitz; Alan and Sharon Iskra; Donald G. Ford Funeral Home; Charles and Judy Duckworth; Alston and Joann Tucker; David and Yong Cha Aronld; Sherri and Roger Fleming; R&R Services; Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Bartlett; John Mick; Melvin and Ladonna Wiseman; Phillip and Kimberly Brown; and James Mano Jr.. 

In addition to, Chuck Duckworth ; Rick and Millie Phelps; Bill and Pat Shinkle; Maidella and Tom Humphrey; Chris and Tracy Lantz; John and Sarah Gray; Jim and Georgia Smallwood; V. Jean Williams; Daniel and Carol Jean Grogg; Pamela (Bunner) Hallman ; Rodney and Beverly Workman ; Joe and Marlene Jones; former Grafton High School Head Football Coach Mike and Sally Jane Skinner; Garry and Karen Richman; Carolyn and S. E. Shepler; Pat and Jerry White; James and Sarah Aronld; Ed and Helen Grinnian; Robert and Virginia Knotts; Don and Edith Gull; Timmy Shaffer; Benjamin and Nancy Cox; Gerald and Sondra Kochka; Beverly Lucas; Paul Curry; Kent and Catherine Harman; Ed and Lisa Moore; Kenneth and Kimberly Mayle; and Kellie and Rob Barr. 

Norma Jaco; George and Lois Board; Gary and Susan Foster; Tygart Lake Boston Beanery; Kenneth and Vickie Cole; Goddard and Wagoner Attorney's at Law; Rex Hide Corp; Constance Elsey; B. D. Delaney; Douglas Benedum; J. Gregory Moore DDS; Weaver Brothers; Theresa and David Barlow; Joyce Ann and Thomas Kirpatrick; Cathy Bolyen; Marianne Kite; Ronald and Julie Neal; James Skaggs; Sam and Pauline Harman; Charles and Camella Wolf; Robert and Sherry Mollohan ; Charles Robinson; James and Carolyn Austin; Eldene and Charlotte Carter; Jason Cost; Peter Taavaras; Doug, Monica and Corey Robinson; Scott and Shelly Elsey; Susan and Carl Snyder Jr.; Connie and George Mayle;, Joseph Heinzman; Daris and Cynthia Rosencrance; Jody and Cheryl Lambert; GHS Class of 1977; Sam and Joe Heinzman; Zack Jones; Chuck and Karen Keener; Ronald Moats; Ray and Linda Jo Vallorani; George and Sarah Sandy; Anna Lough; John Harrison; David and Anna M Wasrud; Mary Hinkins; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cooper; Barbara and Thomas Miller; John and Deborah Coplin; and The GHS Chain Gang... Ronnie Lambert, John Coplin, Brian McDonald and Rusty Efaw. 

Green Bay Packers Assistant Coach Alex Van Pelt and family; Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens Strength Coach Robert, and Mary Rogucki; Patrick and Violet Shaw; Suzanne Pierson; Meadow Green Stables; Teresa Olivo; Dr. Chris Villaraza; Dr, David Bender; Grafton Medical Associates Inc.; Chessie Federal Credit Union; John and Rosemary Stephenson; Rod and Amy Summers ; J. B. and Carolyn Sessions; Gary and Carolyn Miller; Richard and Kimberly Lough; Bill and Patty Wolfe; Joan McKinney Ott; Tom and Judy Gillespie; Bryan and Kim Gillespie; Karen and Ronald Nicodemus; Bruce and Krista Perks; Annette and Roger Ireland; Biggie's Drive Inn; Dottie and George Shelton; William Waters; Larry and Christine Rosier; Brent and Jennifer Moran ; Roger Wolfe; Dr. Raymond and Catherine Morehead; John and Marlene Hulley; Bryan and Mary Recla; Milton and Pattie Moore; Bob and Mary Gorey; In memory of Gary Cochran; Emily and Madison Moon; Dennis and Terry Shumaker; Paul and Eva Woodyard; Constance Mc-Cartney ; James Moran; Lloyd and Anna Jane Shriver Family ; Danny and Jonetta Moore; James and Norma Robinson; Charles R Isner; Richard and Christine Smith; Dr. Charles and Elizabeth Haislip; Carl and Lisa M. Clark; Gary and Dottie DeBarr; C. Diane Warder; Robert Bartlett; Charles Marshall; Dr. Cassandra and William White; Theodore and Dennine Larue; Judy Myers; David and Patricia Marshall; Rhonda Pahel; The Rotary Foundation; Bob And Marsha Malone; James Spring; Jack and Barbara Wolverton; Hughes Living Trust; Hazel Henderson; H. M. Bennett; and N. Haushalter

Sheriff Terring and Tony Skinner; Louie and Sharon Spadafore; Ragers Auto Repair; Withers Alignment; John and Lee Taylor; David and Marsha Maier; Frey's Auto Supply; Domino's Pizza; Jane and Charles Findley; Brian and Lisa McDonald ; Shawn, Robin, Jordan, Beryl and Constance Riley; Richard Zukowski; Thomas and Deneane Reneau; Jerry and Carolyn Ball; Robert and Delores Losh; Grafton Knights of Columbus; David and Peggy Barney; D&L Limousine; Dean and Kimberly Parsons; Michele and Stan Leach; Jack Kincaid; Tom, Andrea, Jessie Stolzenfels; June and Austin Upton, Heather Todd England and Jaimee Upton; Edward and Penny Arnold; and Ben and Dan Bord, In Memory of Sam Bord.

James and Wilma Garner; Josh and Amy Dunham; Janet Blue; Charlie Johns; Terry and Mary Gabbert; Fred and Loretta Queen; Elsey Construction; GHS Class of 1980; Jay and Zen Potter; Curtis and Scoot Shaffer ; Cathy and Dean Leach; The Gourmet Express; Pauline Brown; Wickwire CEOs; Dr. Howard Stansberry; the Grafton Lions Club; Forrest and Emily Roles; Nancy and David White; Sharon McCauley; Richard and Sandra Boice; Autry and Mary Pourclau; Elizabeth and Carl Rytherford; Kathyrn, Joe and Rebecca Findley; Jerry and Linda Boling; David and Julie Poling; Chuck and Vera Duckworth in memory of Homer Knotts; Bill and Neil Courtney; Charlotte Watkins; Nancy Ellen Judy; GHS Class of 1961; Complete Eye Care; and Taylor County Youth Soccer Association; along with Geoffrey Kelly, Brandon, Matthew and Lucas Marshall. 

Our "Friends" at First Community Bank, so thank you Gary Bolyard and the staff. Then, in no order as to date, time, or amount, here are some more "Friends" -- Nancy Bradley and Charles Roy, along with Wesley and Erick Bradley, in memory of Charles E. Marshall Jr.; Rebecca and Aleksandar Filipovic; Suzanne Lamborn and Roger White; Michael McDaniel and Robin Krafft; Julia and Terry Foley; Ian Duckworth; Patricia and Rodney Oney; the Grafton Lions Club; William and Linda Richman; Ronald and Helen Cole; Wanda Taylor; Donna and David Hussion; John and Patricia Kisner, in memory of Ellis Wolfe; Darrell Mick; Greg Foley and Patricia Henderson; Karen Flohr; John Fawcett; Ada Fawcett; David and Christina Fawcett; James and Janet Duncan ; James Jr. and Tracy Duncan; Ronald and Barbara Dotson; Virginia and Bryon Delawder; Sandra Delaney; Daniel Cox; Kenneth and Suzanne Cross; Paul and Anna Cross; Paul and Sherri Cross; H. Lee Courtney; Marvin and Judy Counselman; Charles Coole; George and Barbara Cook; Ronald and Roberta Colwell; Delano and Linda Coffman ; Wanda Cochran; Herbert and Patricia Clelland; Elmer and Sandra Clark; Nancy Christiner; Ronald and Kitty Childers; Holly Hill; Peter and Jane Henderson; Richard and Ann Hein; Glena Hart; Bill and Sally Harman; and Donald and Kathleen Hagett. 

Ashlie Clark; Victor and Allison Iapalucci; Jennifer Shumaker; Nicholas Shumaker in memory of Shelly Shumaker and in memory of William 'Bear" Hussion; Bumpy Ware and Jackie Hunt; Mountaineer Legal Services LLC in memory of Jim Stockett; Logan Beltner; Natalie Beltner; Troy and Erin Bolyard in memory of Kirby Henderson; M. V. Hogan; Toni and Gary Cheuvront ; Kathleen Duffy; GHS Class of 1995; Gary and Jane Peppler; Kenny and Lynn Peters; Larry and Jean Pace; Rondney and Patricia Oney; Michael and Mary Nucilli in memory of C. R. Boggie; Lynn Gough' in honor of Harley and Regina Donham and in memory of Ron Watkins; Russell Isner; Ron and Melissa Able; Charles and Susan Muha; and Steve Gallo, of Steve's Trophies in Rosemont.

Larry and Bobbie Sue Clark; the class of 1972; Tim Moats; Steve and Kay Rutherford; Karen Manley; Sherry Stansberry ; Patricia Mayle; Diana Swisher; Kevin Lake; Ken and Linda Brown; the Croll Family; Beverly K. Rollins, in memory of Gail Miller; Elizabeth and Carl Rutherford; Grafton High School Principal Joseph and Rebecca Findley; John and Lona Perry; and Eric and Lori Miller. 

Nancy Bartlett, Reba Roach Biggins, Tolley Electric, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beaty, Norm Collier, The Class of 1962, Mary Lechilter , James and Marjory Ballard, Jonette Minton, Susan Mitchell, Larry and Jean Pace, Gary and Jane Pepper and Peggy Knotts. 

Melissa and Shane Stemple; Zachary Stemple, Brett Stemple, Nancy L. Miller, in memory of Gale Miller; Karol Barlow, Robert J. Stockett; the class of 1968; and Catherlyn Weitman.

That is but a few of our "Friends"  - Check back as we continue to add names to our Wall of Thanks!

Thanks Rotary Club!

Thanks Taylor County Commission!

Thanks Kiwanis Club!

Thank You! - Mike Manypenny

Thank You! - Mitch and Tami Mayle

Thanks! - Taylor County Supply

Thank You! - William and Judy Collett

Thank You - Dave and Christina Fawcett

Thank You Carolyn Graham

Thank You - Alyson Hill

Thank You - Joe Heinzman              

Thanks BB&T

Thanks Donald Ford 

Thanks City of Grafton

Thank You - Senator Robert "Bob" Williams

Thank You - Wal-Mart for the donation to Benefit Concert

Thank you - Tygart Lake Boston Beanery
Thanks - Kenneth & Vickie Cole

New friends of McKinney Field are getting into the act.
Thank You Edmund Wagoner & David Goddard.
They just opened a new Law office next to the DQ.

Thanks! - Chessie Federal Credit Union

Thank You Rich Rager for your continued support of Taylor County Youth

Thank You Lions Club!

Thank You - Arch Coal

Thank You - CSX

Thank You - First Community Bank